Bone Growth Through Augmentation

What is Bone Augmentation?

If your jawbone does not have enough bone mass to support and incorporate dental implants, you may need to have a dental bone augmentation procedure. Also known as a dental bone graft, this procedure involves oral surgeons growing new bone onto the jaw to strengthen it. Generally, this is done when the bone mass of the jaw is too thin or too soft to hold an implant in place successfully. The bone augmentation procedure will ensure that the jawbone can fuse to the dental implant successfully and help it stay in place permanently.

Reasons For Bone Augmentation

The most common reason someone may need bone augmentation is the gradual loss of bone in the jaw. This is caused by the constant motion and pressure of chewing when a tooth is missing. Even after one year, a missing tooth can lead to nearly 25 percent of the surrounding jawbone to wear away and resorb. Avoiding bone loss means replacing the lost tooth with a dental implant right away. Other, less-common reasons for bone augmentation include misaligned teeth, gum disease, infection and facial tumors.

What To Expect

Length of Bone Augmentation Procedure

The actual process of bone augmentation takes about 30 minutes, but you should expect to be in our office between one-and-a-half to two hours to account for consultation, the actual procedure and in-office recovery time.

Tips for a Successful and Speedy Recovery

After Your Procedure

One of the most common bone graft dental side effects commonly reported is a “gritty” feeling in the mouth. This is completely normal, and is simply some of the bone particulates working their way out of the socket. Sometimes, the membrane placed over the socket to aid in the healing process may become loose, but this is no cause for concern. The membrane will be removed during your follow-up appointment, during which your oral surgeon will check to ensure the bone graft is healing properly. After several follow-up appointments and the bone is completely healed, you will be scheduled for your dental implant to be placed.

Bone Augmentation Recovery Instructions

  • Immediately after your procedure, a nurse will take you to one of our state-of-the-art recovery rooms, which are equipped with high-tech monitoring equipment to ensure your safe recovery.
  • Once you are in recovery, we will inform the person who came with you and go over the recovery instructions with him or her.
  • A nurse will be present to go over any questions you may have about your recovery process and provide you with printed recovery instructions before you leave our office.
  • After you get home, it is recommended that you get plenty of rest, ice the area and begin taking pain medication before the initial anesthetic wears off.
  • You will be provided with a recovery kit that includes extra gauze and gloves for bleeding.
  • You may experience a slight to severe tingling of the lips, chin and/or tongue, which is normal and temporary.
  • Be sure to schedule time off from school or work after your procedure to allow time to recover.
  • After your procedure, you can enjoy a cup of gourmet ice cream on us.

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Did You Know?

Bone augmentation may be necessary if your jaw is currently lacking adequate bone mass to successfully hold a dental implant.

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