IV Sedation

What is IV Sedation?

Unlike Novocain injections, IV sedation doesn’t simply numb the area where surgery will be performed. Rather, it renders the patient completely unconscious during the entire surgical procedure. This makes IV sedation the preferred method of pain medication for many who want to avoid anxiety before and during their procedure. With IV sedation, patients remain calm, relaxed and pain-free throughout the entire procedure. When they awaken, they remember nothing about the surgery. Patients simply go to sleep, and when they wake up after what feels like an instant later, their surgery is complete.

Because Omaha Oral Surgery is committed to making our patients as comfortable as possible, we have registered nurses on staff. Our RNs are here to help patients before, during and after the procedure, ensuring that patients have a full understanding of the recovery procedures after their surgery. A nurse will help patients and caretakers review the proper recovery instructions and provide them with a recovery box. This box contains everything patients need for a full and speedy recovery, including gauze, gloves, a syringe, printed recovery instructions, a medication schedule, their doctor’s emergency cellphone number, and even ice cream to help make the recovery a little more enjoyable. Should patients have any questions during the recovery process, they are encouraged to contact their doctor any time.

Why IV Sedation?

  • IV sedation helps reduce anxiety, calm nerves and make patients feel more relaxed going into surgery.
  • It allows patients to remain as comfortable as possible during their procedures.
  • Patients are unconscious, but still breathing on their own.
  • Patients remember nothing about the procedure, as opposed to local anesthetics that leave patients awake and aware.
  • Patients are still able to respond to commands from the doctor while they are asleep.
  • IV conscious sedation wears off quickly after the procedure, allowing patients to recover faster.
  • The result is patients experience as little discomfort as possible.

How Should You Prepare for IV Sedation?

At Home:

  • Refrain from eating or drinking anything for at least eight hours before your scheduled procedure, including no mints or gum.
  • Arrange for someone you trust to stay with you at the office to drive you home afterward. This person will not be allowed to leave during the procedure, in case of emergency.
  • If you wear contact lenses, you are asked to wear glasses on the day of your procedure.
  • Wear a short-sleeved shirt when you arrive at our office.
  • Please have paperwork filled out before you arrive to streamline your visit. If you prefer to fill out patient registration paperwork at our office, please arrive at least 20 minutes before your appointment time.

At Our Office:

  • Patients under age 18 must have a legal guardian present to sign a consent form.
  • Please have all dental and medical insurance cards with you when you arrive.
  • If your doctor or dentist has taken X-rays of your mouth in the past, you may bring them with or have your doctor or dentist forward them to us. If additional X-rays are necessary, they can be taken here at our office.
  • Prior to your procedure, one of our dental assistants will review your medical history with you. Your doctor also will visit you to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about the procedure. If you have any concerns about medications, please contact us before your procedure so we can consult your physician.

Did You Know?

IV sedation is popular with patients because it reduces anxiety before the procedure. Patients who choose IV sedation feel no pain and remember nothing about their procedures, including tastes, smells or sounds.

Did You Know?

IV sedation is the most popular option for patients as it helps reduce pre-procedure anxiety. Patients who chose IV sedation did not feel pain or remember anything from their procedure including tastes, smells, and sounds.

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